Anita Isalska

Freelance copywriter, digital content expert & travel specialist

Portfolio highlights

I've written copy for products by Lonely Planet, TravelSupermarket, Globalgig, Intrepid, ZOZI and other travel and lifestyle brands, plus I have three years as Lonely Planet’s in-house web copywriter under my belt. I've penned ads that have featured across London's Tube network and major airport hubs, as well as copy for apps, competitions, quizzes, email campaigns and merchandise. Browse below for some selected portfolio highlights.

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TravelSupermarket app

British holiday experts TravelSupermarket hired me to write the copy for their iOS app, which puts price comparisons for holidays, flights, hotels and travel insurance in the palm of users’ hands. The app needed crisp, clear instructions and upbeat onboarding copy throughout, to contribute to a smooth and enjoyable user experience.

June 2016

MorningCalm: High Arctic spread

Korean Air needed rich, descriptive copy to accompany a series of photos of Northern Greenland for the ‘Escapes’ section of their in-flight magazine. Drawing on my own travel experiences in Greenland and other Arctic countries, I created extended captions for photos from Arctic wildlife to the Northern Lights. The resulting copy was also translated into Korean for the magazine’s October 2016 issue.

October 2016

Lonely Planet Magazine US: Christmas offer

The US edition of Lonely Planet Magazine was looking to bring in new subscriptions through a cut-price Christmas offer. I wrote copy for the offer email to inspire subscribers to sign up their loved ones to the magazine as a Christmas gift: what could be a better gift than a year of Lonely Planet’s adventures and inspiration?

November 2016

Lonely Planet: Best in Europe campaign

For a high-profile ad campaign appearing across London transport hubs, I wrote copy to capture the essence of Lonely Planet’s top European destinations for 2015. The adverts appeared on video screens across London airports and train stations, sparking curiosity about these unsung travel destinations and directing travellers to the website.

May 2015

ZOZI/Lonely Planet: Italian food competition

Food never fails to entice Lonely Planet’s audience of travellers and gourmands. So for this co-branded email campaign from Lonely Planet and ZOZI, I wrote copy to tempt American subscribers with the delights of Italian cuisine. The aim was to raise ZOZI’s profile with a competition to win a foodie adventure to Italy.

December 2014

Lonely Planet: Best in Travel quiz

Best in Travel is Lonely Planet’s highest profile annual campaign. To give an added boost to the enormous media interest in Lonely Planet’s top travel picks for the coming year, and harness that interest to meet email acquisition goals, I created a quiz. My concept was a light-hearted and relatable set of questions to predict the user’s ‘travel destiny’ for the coming year -- with the answers tying in with Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel choices. I crafted the copy to give authentic insight into the destinations it covered, with a glint of humour to engage our users. The quiz was taken around 90,000 times during the campaign period.

October 2014

Lonely Planet ads for digital + print bundles

Buying a book and eBook together gives customers the choice of how to consume Lonely Planet's travel content - not to mention it's handy to have a back-up. This series of ads showed the digital and print products side by side; the challenge was to make the proposition sound fun. I wrote copy to fire readers' imaginations about the kind of wild travel adventure they might enjoy if they used a Lonely Planet book, using the product bundle as a prop: "Look out, llamas nibble on both!" and "Careful which one you drop in Loch Ness". 

IATA/Lonely Planet: bespoke editorial content

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) wanted to capture travellers' imaginations for their Flying 100 Years campaign. I was commissioned to write a feature predicting future trends in aviation and beyond. The article was circulated as part of a campaign that gathered media attention in national and international publications including the Daily Mail and Yahoo, as well as industry media such as Travel Agent Central and Travel Weekly. Read the full article here.

September 2014

Lonely Planet merchandise

Passport holders, plug adapters, travel belts... Lonely Planet was launching a huge range of merchandise, and the packaging needed to reflect the brand's travel expertise and sense of fun. I wrote copy for the packaging of the entire range: clear product descriptions, instructions and travel tips to give some distinctive Lonely Planet flavour.

September 2013

Lonely Planet Christmas marketing email

The aim was to promote Lonely Planet's eBook products with a snappy solus email. My concept was to catch the mood of post-Christmas indulgence with a bit of wordplay on tablet. I created some pithy copy to suit an image that spoke to the brand's adventurous pedigree with a touch of humour.

December 2014

Lonely Planet online product guide

As the world's leading travel publisher, Lonely Planet's breathtaking range of guides can initially confuse travellers looking for the guidebook best suited to their trip. I was asked to write a short product guide to act as a fly-out on their online shop page, capturing the product range as succinctly as possible. It pops up when users click "Lost? Need a guide?" on the online shop page.

October 2014

Globalgig: data roaming promotion

SIM cards aren’t sexy. So to promote this data roaming trial, I appealed to the sense of adventure in Lonely Planet’s audience by hinting at the exotic and envy-inducing ways they might use Globalgig’s data roaming deal. Highlighting the exclusivity of the trial was a key strategy in seizing attention.

January 2014

Intrepid Travel/Lonely Planet: Morocco competition

For this competition sign-up copy, I needed to capture the adventure and romance of the prize in a clear and inspirational way. The competition was a big success, gaining 2973 entrants in a single month. Intrepid Travel gained nearly 1000 opted-in email addresses for their database. 

March 2012